Saturday, April 18, 2009

Celebrating Charly

My baby girl turned four on March 26th! I can't believe how fast these four years have gone.

She's a little girl who goes on dates with her daddy, sings continually, laughs out load at silly things, and at times thinks she's the boss of the family (key word is "thinks"). She is precious and the Lord created her with such a unique and fun personality. She brings so much life to our family with her passion, opinions, laughter, and charisma. I love my Char Char. I asked her not to grow up anymore, and she said, "Sorry mom. I have to." At least she apologized.

She had several celebrations for her birthday. We brought cupcakes to school. . .

She went on a date with Daddy to American Girl. . .

We celebrated on the night of her birthday with just our family. The boys gave her a tinkerbell & the Tinkerbell movie. Rob gave her two dresses which she absolutely LOVED! I gave her a little tea set because she has shown interest lately in have tea parties with mommy.

Then she had a party with her friends & cousins at the Metroplex Gymnastics Place here in Allen. She's the one upside down in the first pic.

Looking forward to seeing how she continues to grow in beauty, inside & out.


Beck said...

Lil' sad reading this. Probably b/c that first pic tugs at my heartstrings. She's a gorgeous 4 year old! Can you believe it, Momma?

olivia and henry said...

happy birthday to charly! she is so precious and beautiful!!! sounds like y'all had a great time celebrating her big day!