Monday, March 08, 2010

Just warms my heart. . .

This morning I listened to this conversation between Charly and Ridge at the breakfast table:
Me: Ridge, did you know that Bennett is coming over to play today?
Ridge: oh! Is he going to play with my toys?
Me: Yes, you can share with him.
Ridge: Okay
Charly: You can play with my toys too.
Ridge: oh, okay
Charly: Bennett can too. You both can play with my toys. And in my room if you want.
Ridge: okay. . . So I can play in your room and you at school?
Charly: Yes, but try not to break anything okay?
Ridge: Okay. I be careful. And Bennett be careful too
Charly: Well, it's okay if you break something. Just tell mommy so she can fix it. Okay?
Ridge: Okay

It just warms my heart when I hear Charly being so sweet to her brother. This whole morning was pretty amazing. She had the greatest attitude about everything: clothes, breakfast, and even the horrible lunch I packed for school (I haven't gone to the store). I wish we could bottle this attitude and give ourselves (me included) a dose every day!!

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Caroline Cobb Smith said...

:) that is really sweet, haley!