Tuesday, March 02, 2010

You are NOT welcome

I told Mr. Strep he was not welcome back in our house. I'm pretty sure he turned a deaf ear to my request because he now has Ridge & I back under his influence.

Ridge: we going to your doctor mommy?
Me: yes
Ridge: I like doctors, but I don't like those shot things
Me: you don't like shots? Me neither!
Ridge: Yea. They got some fire in dem dat goes swoooosh! Oh and dey got some water that goes whooooosh. Den I go, ahhhhhhhhh.
Me: uh huh
Ridge: you ok mommy?
Me: yes
Ridge: need me to hold you at the doctor?
Me: Sure babe. You can help me be brave.
Ridge: I do dat. Den I don't have to go to my doctor right??
Me: Well, we will still have to go to your doctor too. I'll hold you when we go to yours, and you can hold me right now as we go to mine. Ok?
Ridge: uh. . . I don't like doctors anymore. We don't need to go. It'll be ok. I not sick (as he coughs and soon complains of his boogers & throat hurting).

AND, (drum roll please)the docs say that both of us test positive for strep. Charly has an appt set for tomorrow.

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The Smiths said...

Oh no....yuck! I'm sorry Haley! I hope you guys are all feeing better so soon! Erica