Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Baseball Begins!!

Cobb had his first baseball game this past Saturday. He is very excited about it, and loves his new team. He's playing with fellow Norton Kindergartners so that makes it even more fun.

Here he is talking to his cousin Rhody. Pops came up to watch the game, and brought Rhody (major fan of baseball!) to watch the game.

Ridge started having a rough time at the game. . .

But the iphone helped so we could watch the game. . .

Rob was helping coach out on the field (that batter is not Cobb)

This is Cobb:

He did great.
Charly spent a lot of the game sliding down a hill in a box.

And Ridge ran down my iphone battery. . .

Looking forward to a great season!

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Heather said...

Great photos of the kids. Especially the first one of Cobb close up! We are going to have a great season!