Friday, January 15, 2010

Potty Talk

Ridge has kept me laughing all day. We've had some success, and lots of fun. The following are just a few of the MANY comments that Ridge made while sitting on the potty today. . .

"Don't be scared Tee Tee! come out!"

"I tink it's hiding."

"Oh! dat was a cool one!"

"Watch out! Here come de tee tee!"

"I try'n to shake it out"
he was wiggling his whole body & shaking his booty

"Uh, I wan de doo doo to come so I can get tree M&Ms!!!! frustrated. . .IT NOT COMING!!! excited. . . Oh it is!! with a disappointed sigh. . .No, it not."

"dere a hole. dat where de tee tee come out. Does the doo doo have a hole?"

"oh! I tooted! I did it again! Tree times!"

"I gonna get you cheerios! Get em tee tee!"

"dis de best day ever!"

Here's a pic of Ridge & our friend Parks. She stopped by to say hi. He was so excited to see her! He started showing off & dancing around in his underwear.

side story: Since Ridge and I have been in SUCH close proximity today, he noticed a scratch on my hand.
Ridge: oh no. What happen mommy?
Me: oh, I think I just got scratched.
Ridge: oh. Well, I not mad at you. I love you mommy. I just don't wan you to get scratch. ok?
Me: ok
Ridge: not again. Ok mommy!
Me: ok


Stacey said...

Ok, that kid is such a hoot! I can't get over him. And I am SO GLAD you are writing all this funny stuff down right away so you'll remember it. Awesome!

Alyssa said...

I wish I could have seen this live... what a funny kiddo!

The Dercks said...

This gave me the best laugh...thank you! He is so darn cute.