Sunday, January 10, 2010

Chris Colfer tweets about my kids!

We are HUGE fans of Glee, and we let our kiddos see the songs performed. They have fallen in love with the songs & sing them all the time(usually with the motions). After the pilot show, Rob made a video for my birthday of the kids singing the Glee version of "Don't Stop Believing." Well, Chris Colfer (Kurt) from the cast of Glee just tweeted about our kids and that video! We were all so excited that someone from the cast saw it!

click on his tweet to see his Twitter page
Click here to see the video on youtube
Click here to see my past blog about it


Alyssa said...

Awesome! I'm a huge glee fan... but I'm an even bigger fan of your adorable children singing!

The Tenner Trio said...

I LOVE when Ridge mouths "cheap perfume"!! Classic! Cobb's air guitar and Charly's soulful eyes-closed performance are awesome too!! I love Glee too!