Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haley's birthday is today!

Today is Haley's birthday and this is the first year I actually thought 'Maybe Haley doesn't want me saying her age anymore'. I'm not sure, so I'll keep it vague... she is in her upper mid-thirties (not including 38 or 36).

I love Haley very much and love being the 'lucky' one in our relationship. 'I married up' is a cute phrase, but it implies that she 'married down' which stinks for me and speaks poorly of her taste in men. So I'm not going to say that... though it's probably true.

I will say this: God gave me the greatest gift by allowing me to marry a woman like Haley. She sharpens me tremendously and always points me to Christ.

Happy Birthday Haley... your husband and kids love you.


Jessica said...

here! here, rob! amen to that! :) you two are cute.
tell haley 38 is around the corner for me. she's still good!

olivia and henry said...

very sweet tribute to a very very sweet and precious woman! ;)

haley, i can't believe i emailed with you several times today and had NO idea it was your birthday!!!! SO SORRY! i hope you had a wonderful day and that you were celebrated and loved especially well today.

much love and many blessings to you ;)