Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

I thought sending the second kiddo off to Kindergarten was going to be a bit easier, especially since Charly was SO ready and SO excited! HA, was I wrong! I cried as soon as I left her. But both Charly and Cobb had great first days.

This morning they were fired up to go to school, and Ridge was just as excited to be staying home with me (surprise!). Here's some pics from our day today!

Getting ready in mommy's bathroom

Charly and her big backpack!

Cobb was determined to be "on time." He did NOT want a tardy (which he wasn't close to getting). So we told him he could go on to class, and we would walk with Charly to hers. He was pumped about that!

Walking Charly to class

Putting away her stuff

Meanwhile. . .

Saying goodbye

She's fine...

And I was getting out of the building as fast as I could so the tears could fall.

Our first grade stud:

Celebrating with slurpees!

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