Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Day of Friends

Today we had our cousins Bo and Hank over to play. Bo and Ridge had such a good time posing and running around. Both have lost older siblings to school, and now are home alone with mommy (and Hank for Bo). So I think it was a nice for both of them to have a playmate.

Hank was the sweetest baby. So content the whole time. Isn't he cute?

But don't let him fool you! He was infatuated with the dog, and continued to crawl after poor Mulligan. And gotcha!

Don't worry, I was watching carefully. :)

Later, after school, we had a friend for each kid. Jett and Jake came over to hang with Ridge and Cobb.

And Charly had over her new friend Hannah from school.

Such a fun day! We are blessed to have friends and cousins we love so much.

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