Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Chores

We've added some new regular chores for the kiddos (in the past we've been a bit sporadic about it). They are responsible for making their beds every morning as well as the following: Cobb(empty dishwasher), Charly (feed the dog), and Ridge(set the table--dinner). They are also required to get all the way dressed for school, prepare their snack and water bottles for school, and eat breakfast before doing anything else.

SO. . . We started Tuesday. Yesterday a.m. (Wednesday), I came out of my room late (6:45) after icing my foot, and found Cobb fully dressed and empyting the dishwasher.

WOW! I got a little teary eyed. I know it's his job, but I was just so impressed that he needed no reminder or proding on the SECOND day! Thanks sweet boy, you made my day!

And then I went to wake up Charly and found this:

Thank you Charly!!! So so sweet.

I had reminded Ridge to get dressed so when I came back downstairs (remember it takes me a little while to get anywhere these days), I found this:

Yes, you are right. His shorts are under his pull-up. (he wears a pull-up for school just in case!)
Sweet boy, you make me laugh.

My kids have actually been so kind to me this past week because I tend to sit down a lot with my foot raised in the air. They have brought me pillows, put my ice away or brought me ice. They have fixed their own snacks and their own drinks. And my older two have done a wonderful job helping Ridge when he needs it. Now, I'm not saying that they are perfect in any way, but I can tell they are trying hard to help me. THANKS. I love you! Hope it doesn't crash and burn when Mommy is all better!


lindsay said...

Way to go lil' Thomases!! Proud of yall for teaching them the value of responsibility at an early age. They are such good kids! Miss seeing your sweet faces! Hope the foot heals soon.

Stacey said...

Yay! This little story brought years to my eyes. So proud of your sweet kids and you guys for raising 'em! Also looking forward to the day mine can pitch in a bit too! (although I should learn to make my bed before I can expect it of them!)