Monday, November 01, 2010


Iron Man, Spider Girl, Optimus Prime, Storm, and Old man Indiana Jones are ready to tackle evil in this world!

Get 'em Spider girl!

Optimus Prime was always running ahead. . .

Just in case you want to see Storm again. . .

And our Iron Man running to the rescue. . .

One or our stops was the Parker's house. Super Heroes + Clowns = winning combo to fight the bad guys!

Lots of Candy and we even picked up some vampire fangs!

Shortly after beginning our trick or treat outing, we realized that sweet Ridge was giving away candy. He really thought he was supposed to give candy to each house rather than accept it. At one house, he would give one, they would give one, he would give one, and they would give one. That continued for awhile until the everyone was laughing. Sweet Ridge. Even though he ended up getting the hang of it by the end of the night, I did have a tinge of sadness about how his efforts were squelched. I couldn't help but think that Ridge's way was much better. How sweet to give rather than receive.

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