Friday, November 05, 2010

Visit with Ellie!

My sister Caroline came in to visit on Thursday. My kids just love when Aunt Kiki comes in town with baby Ellie. Here's Ridge Friday morning "helping" Aunt Kiki feed Ellie.

And here he is playing peek a boo with his little cousin:

The big kids were just as excited to see sweet Ellie. Lots of hugs and playing.
Charly will be Queen of the week this week at school so she got to bring home "Hoppy" for the weekend. She is supposed to take pictures of what Hoppy gets to do while with us. Our first pic is Hoppy and Ellie!

Ellie LOVED Hoppy. Cobb played with her while trying to ensure that Hoppy didn't get any baby slobber.

Thanks for visiting us!!!

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