Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Voting Adventure

My kids and I went to vote today. I kept telling them we were on an adventure, yet I was kicking myself that I didn't early vote! We got there about 3:15. It was raining and about 45 degrees. My kids are in hoodies, but I have just a cotton long sleeve shirt . And of course, my umbrella is not in my car. We go for it anyway.

We hunt for a parking place (an adventure in itself), and the kids get super excited when some guy starts pulling out, and it's our turn to park. I'm being cheered on from the back! "Hurry Mom, GET IT!!" We park then we run through the rain, only to find that the line is out the door! After about 15 minutes of standing in the rain, we get inside the front door. Unfortunately, I realize that I left my voters card in the car. I check my wallet for my license only to realize that my license is at home in my travel bag from our trip last week. So I have to look at my sweet, soaking wet kids, and tell them we have to go back to the car. We race to the car and back again to find the line is even longer now. Charly said, "We have to start over???" And I reply with, "Yes. I'm so sorry, but this just makes it an even bigger adventure! Right??" And she bought it. Thank the LORD she laughed with me.

(I stole this pic from my friend David Womack. . .taken at a differnt time, but line looks about the same)

I found out that chivalry still exists. This sweet man, gave up his umbrella for this negligent mom and her three drowned munchkins. What a sweet example for my sons to see. I got to point out that this man sacrificed his comfort for us, even though he didn't know us. Cobb thought that was pretty cool. It also was a sweet blessing because we stood outside for at least 20 minutes in the downpour.

After getting inside, we had about another hour of wait time. I couldn't have been prouder of my three kiddos. They handled themselves like champs. It truly turned out to be a fun adventure, but next time, I'll hopefully be bit more organized!!!

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The Dercks said...

Wow, Haley! You and your kiddos are troopers! Not that that surprises me in the least. :)