Saturday, August 06, 2011

Day 13

Many of you at the were curious if Tribb ever pooped, and YES!! he finally did on Day 13.

Back story. . . my baby had not pooped for 10 days so we went to the doctor. xray was normal for his little tummy so we had to start giving him caro syrup 3 times a day and about 6-8 ounces of juice. Mealwhile Rob's company conference began the same day. The third day of the Echo conference was day 12 of no poop. Since Tribb was with me at the conference, many were curious, and I often got the question. . . "poop yet??" There were false alarms and stinky toots, but nothing substantial.

DAY 13:
We went to Lifetime for Rob and I to play Wallyball. The kids were checked into childcare. After our workout, we picked the kids up to go swimming, but decided to eat lunch in the cafe first. We're sittting at the table waiting for the food, and Tribb was happy as can be in my lap. All of a sudden we hear a loud pop. And his diaper has exploded all over my lap, 13 days worth. Rob and I wiped a couple of napkins full off of me, apologized to all those eating around us, then I waddled to the bathroom with Tribb hoping to not dribble any on the floor.

We were cheering and grossed out all at the same time.
I think we are now back on an every 6 day schedule thanks to the continued once a day juice allotment. Continuing to pray for more frequent poops.


Brian Gallimore said...

Oh My! What a story. And you even have pictures! wow.

Eddo said...

Yikes. That's crazy. Was I there that day for Wallyball? I'm sure glad I missed this!!