Monday, May 11, 2009

Muffins with Moms

Last week we had Muffins with Mom at Cobb & Charly's school. The teachers did such a great job of making all the moms feel special & loved by their children. I went Charly's class on Monday.

And all the stuff that Charly made me:

Here we are:

And here she is with her class singing to the mommies:

On Tuesday, I visited Cobb's classroom. Here's what he made:

My boy:

Cobb's teachers asked him some questions, most of which he got right. Here are some funny & cute ones. . .

How much does your mom weigh? 1 lb
What does your mom do that is funny? She tickles me
What is your mom's favorite TV show? High School Musical 3 because we have it!
What's your mom's favorite craft? Oh, (rolls eyes) her computer!
What does your mom do best? She makes cookies
What's your mom's favorite thing to do? . . .making cookies!
What makes your mom cry? When she gets in trouble sometimes when she yells at me***
What makes her laugh? My mom is ticklish
How do you know your mom loves you? Because of God. . . God made her heart!

***I think the source of this answer can be found in the post "Mommy You Mess Up A Lot." Click here to see it!

I am so privileged to be the mom of my three kids. They are such a treasure and a joy. I am truly blessed.


The Ratliffs said...

Lots of tickling going on in that Thomas household! Good times. :) Thanks for sharing your sweet pictures and stories- your kids' school looks incredible!

lindsay said...

Haley-- you are a great mom! Sweet Cobb is right, God made your heart! ;o) How proud you must be to hear him say that!