Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Hubby!!

I'm 4 days late in writing this, but better late than never! (Rob's real birthday was on Thanksgiving Day this year so I'm pulling the "I didn't have my computer with me" card. But that's really no excuse).

I am so grateful to the Lord for putting this man in my life. He brings joy, laughter, fun, and stability to this family. He makes me a better person, encouraging me and challenging me. He is an wonderful daddy to our kids & they absolutely adore him. He loves us very well, and we have a lot to look up to in him: his kindness, compassion, humility, generosity, humor, and love for Christ.

Thank you Lord for what you are doing in Rob and through Rob. Thank you for the treasure that he is, and may you continue to grow us both to be more like you.

Walking with this kids on our vacation this past summer

Wearing a necklace & hat that Charly made him out of paper.

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SarahFifer said...

I agree! We all love you at the Fifer household too, Rob! Happy Birthday from us (again, I heard you got serenaded by my girls :)