Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Fun

We had such a great time over Thanksgiving. We went to the 4th bi-annual Cobb Reunion. We get together at Camp Allen in Navasota, TX with my dad's sisters & their families.
Here's my sisters & cousins (missing 5):

Here's everyone(well, we're actually missing 23 people):

We went from 4 (Dad & sisters) to 14(my cousins) to 30 and counting!

Here's my family:

We started the next morning with a talent show. The best was my mom & Dad's sisters performing Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)"
(working on gettting the actual video footage so you can see)

Here's the kids & their cousins waiting for a "Marvin Story." Rob tells my kids a story with the same characters every night. It's become a bedtime tradition in our house & a consistent request.

We took our Christmas card picture and a few others. Here's some samples:

Cobb & Charly went fishing for the first time & loved it!

Charly didn't want to touch it, but she was really proud!

The kids feeding the ducks outside our cabin. Cobb's doing a duck call:

Our cabin:


The boys:

The little 3 year olds waiting for the hayride:

On the hayride with my sis:

Smores Time!

"See my marshmellow mommy??"

Rob leading us in singing "Party in the USA."

We had so much fun with everyone. Cobb didn't want to leave, and was really emotional leaving. Sweet boy gets really connected to others, and was so so sad it was over.
He got over it when we started a movie in the car, and the other two crashed.

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