Saturday, November 14, 2009

There's Nothin I Can Do About It.

So I'm changing Ridge's diaper, and of course, the much needed wipes have "walked off" to somewhere else in the house.

Me (with a sigh of frustration, talking to myself): Where are the wipes?
Ridge: I don't know mommy. And there's nothin I can do about it right now.
Me(laughing to myself): I know. You stay right there. (risky move, I know!)

When I return with the wipes, he is thankfully still lying there on the floor in the exact same position. I can tell he's been thinking hard about something.

Ridge: you know mommy, there's a bad guy
Me: really?
Ridge: yea, but don't worry mommy, Daddy will save you.
Me: Daddy will save me?
Ridge: Yes, Daddy's the good guy.
Me: You're right. He is a good guy. What about you? will you save me too?
Ridge: There's nothin I can do about it. But daddy can.

Three things I learned from this conversation:
1) He listens to what I say. I've said many times, "I'm so sorry Ridge. There's nothing I can do about it right now. I'm driving."
2)He is obsessed with good guys & bad guys.
3)I always need to check for wipes before starting the process of changing a diaper


Stacey said...

And he knows his daddy is a good guy capable of taking care of you all.

Sweet story. I love how I can hear your voices perfectly in my head when I read your blog. You do a good job recording these precious daily moments.

Melissa Curry said...

It's good to know your wipes seems to " walk off" right before a diaper change too! I was starting to think I was losing it! I can't wait for Carter to patiently lay there for his diaper change, Rob and I have gone to one leg over his belly, trying to keep him there, while he screams and continuously tries to flip over and crawl away! This stage too will end.....