Thursday, February 24, 2011

10 Years Ago Today

10 years ago today, I (Rob) remember looking around at more than 500 people at Scofield Memorial and thinking, 'They KNOW I'm getting the better end of this deal'. I mean come on! Haley is choosing ROB??
I'm kinda joking, but mostly not joking... and if you were there with us that day, you felt it too.

When Haley came through the doors, she really was the prettiest bride I had ever seen. However, she only appeared as a 'blur' for the next hour. Why? Well, for two reasons. First, because everything felt surreal and blurry that day. But the main reason is because she was bouncing non-stop. If I was prone to motion sickness, I may have gotten sick standing next to her (as it is, I'm barf free since October 1993).

Okay, I'm kind of exaggerating, but ask the people who were there... she was bouncing.

The truth is, I love knowing she was bouncing. It was another indicator for me that she loved me. Considering the fact that I pretty much fell for Haley the moment I saw her and it took her two years to do the same, even on our wedding day, I cherished the indicators.

The last 10 years have really been amazing. Haley is an amazing wife and mom to our 3 (almost 4) kids. I'm still the guy that got the better end of the deal, and I'm just going to accept it. What a gift Haley is to me.

Happy 10 Year Anniversary, Haley!

I love you,

PS. Check out our Facebook page for pictures of our wedding HERE.

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