Monday, February 14, 2011

The Tale of Ridge and the Broken Arm

So I haven't blogged in a while... I thought a little bump in the road like a broken arm could get me going again. My sweet Ridge was wrestling with his brother during "rest" time on Saturday, and he broke his arm in two places.
Rob took him to Acute Care Kids (love that place. . . in and out in an hour!)
Here he's getting his temporary splint:

Today we went to see Dr. Heinrich (our good friend who sweetly added Ridge to his schedule today). Ridge felt very calm with Will and Sam's daddy. . .

He ended up smiling the whole time. He thought getting a cast was really cool.

We laughed a lot. Charly and Cobb did too.

Charly was looking at a magazine, and saw the Old Spice guy. She asked the guy in the above picture, "Is this you?" We all got a good laugh at that, as well as my kiddos asking him why he had a kiss mark on his knee(it was really just a stain from a red cast he had put on a patient earlier in the day).

Ridge is doing well. He is actually excited about his cast because he thinks his cast makes him stronger than Juggernaut from Super Hero Squad:

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marc and trisha said...

Broken bones are no fun! The cast sure looks cool.