Friday, August 28, 2009

Bedtime Convo with Ridge

Ridge: When I wake up, do I get to watch a show?
Me: Yes, but remember, don't get out of bed til the sun wakes up. If you wake up early, just lay still and quiet until you see the sun.
Ridge: When the sun wakes up, a lion is gonna come
Me: A lion?
Ridge: Yeah, a lion. And I'm gonna punch it!
Me: oh, you are going to punch it?
Ridge: Yeah. I'm gonna be a bad guy and punch the lion. (He makes a dramatic punching gesture)
Me: ok, but don't be a bad guy until the sun wakes up. Ok?
Ridge: The lion is BIG mommy. I gonna punch it! ok?
Me: Ok. I love you.
Ridge: I get to watch a show when I wake up?
Me: Sure Ridge. Sure. Goodnight!
Ridge: I punch it!

Don't ask me what all that means. I have NO idea.

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EDS said...

I'm pretty sure I've had that same convo w/ Hampton. Boys, they can be so rough. Hope you are doing well!