Monday, August 31, 2009

Cobb's Birthday Celebration Part I

Cobb had about a week of celebration for his 6th b-day. We started the day with donuts and then his Kindergarten ice cream social. For lunch we went to Gatti town with Aunt Kiki and Uncle Nick. So my kids had plenty of sugar and junk food. All Cobb's choice. We had a commitment that evening so the celebration was "on hold" til the next day.

SO. . . the next night, we had a slumber party for Cobb. His FIRST slumber party! He invited two friends, and they had a blast!

We just arrived at Chuckee Cheese!

yummy pizza. . .

collecting tickets!

At home we decorated cupcakes, sang happy birthday, then ate!

Lots of wrestling/sword fighting with Daddy!

Then we finished the night with a movie for the boys. Charly & Ridge had already gone to bed.

The next morning we had some Wii action. . .

And fort building. . .

It was a great first slumber party experience! Even Mommy & Daddy had fun!

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