Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Charly's First Soccer Practice!

Rob & I had no idea how she would do with soccer, but she was a champ! She was so excited to wear her new soccer shoes & soccer socks that she picked out. And she has bright, shiny silver shin guards underneath those socks! And of course, she has to have the pink ball. Here she is with her friend Bella. They had matching shoes! This was a huge hit!

Listening to her coach. . .

And learning to stop the ball. . .

She was really into it, and worked really hard. She turned sporty on me! But then, of course, my "girly girl" came back as soon as she was off the field. In the car on the way to church she asked, "Wait, am I wearing my soccer outfit to church?????"
I said, "yes, but I brought your flip flops so you could take your cleats off."
Horrified, she says, "Mom!! I don't want to wear this! Well, maybe the shirt, but not the shorts."
I reply, "I'm so sorry Charly, you don't have a choice. I don't have anything else."
Softly she says, "ok."

Sweet girl.

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Caroline said...

hee hee that makes me laugh!