Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I wish I had a tape recorder that followed us around all the time. My kids are cracking me up! Here's a conversation from the car yesterday(to the best of my memory):

Cobb: MOM! Charly kissed me at Life Time. I told her not to!

Charly: Well, he is my brother

Me: Cobb, she is your sister, but if you don't want her to kiss you then that's okay too. Charly, don't kiss him if he asks you not to. Okay?
Charly: Well, someday, you'll like kisses Cobb
Cobb: NO!
Ridge: I DONT like kisses
Charly: Yes Cobb! When you get married
Cobb: NO, I said NO!
Ridge: NO!
Charly: Yes, when you get married like mommy & daddy, you'll like it. I just KNOW it!
Cobb: You don't KNOW know Charly.
Charly: Yes!
Ridge: Yuck Kisses

Charly: You kiss mommy all the time Ridge!
Ridge: Oh

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Stacey said...

Bahahaha! Your kids are a riot! Love it!