Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow & Strep

We had a great time in the snow yesterday and today. Dallas had a record snow of 12.5 inches! (beat the record from January of 1964). Yesterday it snowed all day long, but that didn't stop us from getting out there.

So after school Cobb, Charly, our friend Sarah Parks & I played in the snow(Ridge was sleeping to catch up from a sleepless night of throwing up due to Strep).

Our first snowman:

Snowball fight with Parks:

That evening we went out again with daddy:

Why the frosted mini wheats box? I was attempting to block Cobb's continual snowballs aimed in my direction

Snowman in the backyard:

Cobb eating snow:

Today was beautiful. Here's the front of our house:

Our neighborhood:

Our backyard:

This morning we bought a makeshift sled (a blow up boat) & tried to go sledding at the Joe Farmer Rec Center.

The fam:

going home to rest:

This afternoon our front yard snowman needed surgery so Cobb and I fixed him up:

Sickies stayed inside:

Poor Charly threw up all day today:

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Caroline Cobb said...

oh no haley - strep? and do you have it too?! sorry.