Saturday, February 27, 2010

Planning is not a Guarantee

I woke up yesterday morning excited about the potential for a run.

1)My plan was to walk Cobb to school and then just keep going with the littles in the stroller. Well, we weren't ready in time. So we drove him.
2)When we got home, we bundled up with hats, coats, a blanket, water bottles, and snacks. The kids were excited because there was talk of a possible park experience after the run. We went for about five minutes, and I realized I forgot to leave something out for my friend to pick up. So we headed home.
3)After placing the item outside, we tried again. We got about five minutes out, and Charly started crying because the clip fell off her doggy. So we backtrack. . . no clip, still crying, comfort her in front of our house
4) We head back out. five minutes later, "RIDGE HAS A DOO DOO!" so we go BACK home and change him.
5)Finally, we get back in the stroller for attempt #5. Five minutes into the run. It rains.

So yet again, I realize planning doesn't work in a household of young kiddos. Planning is necessary for the potential of something working, but never a guarantee. :) Oh well.

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