Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nine Years of Marriage!

I love my husband, and YES, I love him more today than I did nine years ago.
I always think that we haven't aged, and that 9 years ago really wasn't THAT long ago. But then I look at this picture and I stand corrected. (it's my favorite pic taken by my friend Emily)

Fortunately for us though, we have not only aged in our appearance, but we've also grown with Christ and with each other. This man I fell in love with and married nine years ago, is a man whom I grow more fond of each year. Why? Because I see him growing in love, humility, compassion, and wisdom. I see him seeking after the one relationship that really matters, his relationship with the Lord. And this enables him to love me well.

I am so very thankful that the Lord has given me Rob Thomas as a spouse. Rob is a man who's heart is full of compassion for others. He is incredibly funny, and keeps me laughing. He is wonderful with our kids, who are all in awe of their daddy. And he is wise yet humble.

On our wedding day and throughout the ceremony, I was literally bouncing with excitement. I really thought, "there is NO way I'll ever love this man more than I do today." Yet today, there is a depth that I could not have imagined on February 24, 2001. Today we know each other's short-comings, faults, and pride. Today we know(and continue to learn) how to love each other through all our weaknesses. Today, we can communicate like we never have before. Today, Rob understands how I feel better than I do sometimes. And today, we know what it means to serve the other person. Marriage is work, but incredibly rich when the work is done. I can't wait to look back 10 years from now and see what richness the Lord will provide.

Happy Anniversary Rob!


Rob said...

I tweeted about you, you blogged about me. You win.

I love you so much.

SarahFifer said...

Happy Anniversary to one of our favorite couples ever! We love you guys!

Anonymous said...