Thursday, June 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Sis!

Today was my sister Marlo's birthday. I am so thankful for her. Ridge and I were looking at some old pictures the other day, and it brought back some fun memories for me of time with my sisters. Marlo is my older sister, and it is fun for me to look back on our lives together to see how we have grown in our own individual personalities, but also in our friendship. Marlo is an incredible person who is creative and loving. I enjoy watching her with her boys and am inspired as a mom because of all the ways she helps them learn and stimulates their creativity. I enjoy watching her in how she uses her gifts and passions, and I am spurred on to use my own God given gifts in new ways. Thanks to the Lord and to Mom and Dad for giving me sisters with whom I share so much, and with whom I have a special bond forever.

Picture of Marlo and me in 1979:

Christmas card from 1982 that Marlo designed:

My bachlorette party:

Marlo's baby shower for Abran

October 2003 with 2 mo old Cobb and Abran

This past Christmas at Great Wolf Lodge:

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