Monday, June 20, 2011

What were you thinking?

Welcome to my second installment of the "What were you thinking" blog posts. I was going to make this an every Wednesday thing, but I have too many to wait until Wednesday!

We were at a yummy local yogurt place in Allen with friends. I hear the girls make an expression of disgust, and learn that Ridge has just taken chewed gum off the floor and placed it in his mouth to chew. Realizing that his siblings didn't think that was so cool, he quickly spit it out. REALLY??? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

The other day (well actually quite frequently), I worked so hard to get Tribb content and happy. I had been holding him/rocking him/feeding him for 3 hours. Basically, I was trying anything and everything to get him calm. Finally, I got him content so I put him in the bouncy seat. Sleeping wasn't an option so I was settling for contentment. Five minutes into my serenity, Ridge jumped in front of the bouncy seat scaring poor Tribb to death. And the cycle began again. REALLY??? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

My friend Sarah was over. We were talking in the kitchen, and Ridge was talking to Tribb in the living room. We hear Tribb grunting and struggling a bit. She goes to him in the bouncy seat only to find a burp cloth over his face. She says, "Ridge, why did you put a burp cloth over Tribb's face?" Ridge replies in a matter of fact tone, "I didn't want you to see him!" REALLY? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?"

I took the kids to play in the fountains, then the beach park, then to purple cow for lunch.
I'm really not sure what Ridge was up to, but he almost spilled his drink 3-4 times. Then to top that off, he was sucking on the straw of his shake, bit down hard on the straw, then jerked his head around. Imagine a sprinkler loaded with milk shake. REALLY? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

We tried to take a picture of Pops with his 14 grandchildren. Take a look at Ridge's face:

zooming in:

1)Ridge says,"I want this" as he holds out a gatorade from the fridge and then chooses to slam it to the floor. This was not out of anger, but just for emphasis??

2)Ridge borrows Cobb's water bottle because we couldn't find his. He takes the mouth piece in his teeth, and then decides to shake his head as a dog would playing tug-a-war. Of course the mouth piece breaks off, and Cobb's water bottle is forever broken.

3)Cobb and his friend were playing beyblades, and they had set up a tournament structure. They were down to the finals with 4-6 beyblades set aside for the final battles. While they were eating lunch, Ridge goes to their pile and mixes the losers with the winners. When the big boys are done and return to their game, I hear, "RIDGE!!!!" I look at Ridge and he gets a mischievious smirk on his face, tilts his head, and looks ups up at me while raising his shoulders & hands in an "oops" fashion. Hmmmm. . . guilty??? Wish I had a picture!!


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