Friday, June 17, 2011

Tribb's First Official Playdate

We had the opportunity to babysit sweet Erin Sandwick last night. We told the kids that Tribb's girlfriend was coming over to play. Charly said, "He's too young to have a girlfriend!" I totally agree Charly!

Erin is about 2 months older than Tribb, and so precious! The big kids loved getting to hang with her, and this morning were so sad to learn that she had gone home. Charly was a super helper by giving Erin her paci whenever she needed it. Here are some pictures of the two babies:

Strike a pose:

Playing on the play mat:

The above pictures remind me of Cobb and his first & best friend at this age. He had his two cousins Lainey(2 months older) and Abran (8 days younger), but he also had his best friend Abby Fifer (15 days older). Here's a picture of the two of them:

Cobb and Abby playing:

I told Cobb last night that he and Abby used to lay next to each other and play just like Erin and Tribb. I told him that's when Abby gave him that first kiss. He responded with "Ewww!" Here's that pic:

Tribb looks an awful lot like Cobb!!

or me (if he was chubbier):

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