Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What were you thinking?

I'm going to start a new series on the blog called, "What were you thinking?" Why, you ask? Well, lately, I have thought that phrase or said it out loud so many times in regards to choices Ridge makes. He's four, and sometimes genuinely doesn't know any better, but some things he surely knows!!

He found a mud puddle at the playground with his friend Luke. Now truly, what kind of mom would I be if I expected my 4 year old to NOT get into that mud puddle and play. And it was quite funny. I almost wanted to get in with them!

BUT, I found myself in quite a conundrum when I realized he was covered head to toe, and I somehow had to get him home in my brand new car.

So naturally, I stripped him down to his muddy underwear and rinsed him off at a neighborhood house's water spicket. I then emptied the way back of my van, and placed my muddy boy on floor back there. You can't really tell how bad it is from the pictures. I had to scrub the mud out of his nose, ears, finger nails, & toe nails. Plus it was caked in his hair!

Field Day:
We went to watch the big kids during their field day games at school. Most (or all) were water games. I told Ridge, "Ridge, don't get too close because I don't want you to get wet."

Well, the next thing I knew, he was soaked. When I asked him why he disobeyed, he said, "Oh. I thought you said, 'go over there and get wet!'" REALLY??? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

Ridge was in his seat in the car in the garage when I realized I had to run back inside for something (a regular occurence lately). When I came back into the garage, I found Ridge with his pants down peeing on my car. REALLY??? In the garage?? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

My sweet friend was picking up the big kids for an overnight this past Friday. Ridge decides that it would be fun to throw a rock at her car. REALLY??? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?
Thankfully, the car wasn't hurt.

Stay tuned for more. . .

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lindsay said...

I love this so much!! Probably because it makes Cohen seem human. I've thought of starting a blog solely for things he does and says. Oh Lord help us.