Monday, September 08, 2008

Aunt Kiki's dress

Here's a picture of my sister (Aunt Kiki) with her husband Nick and us. She'll be 27 in November.

Here's Charly wearing her Aunt Kiki's dress.

Yes, it is 22 (or more) years old. My mom saved it (not sure why??), but I'm so glad. It looks so cute on Charly. And it brings back sweet memories for me. I remember the dress from when my sister wore it (wish I had a pic of Caroline in it!) My sis is 9 1/2 years younger than me, and I have fond memories of her preschool years. She was the cutest little girl, full of spunk and personality. Sound familiar??

An extra, random pic of the Ridger. . .


Chrys and Mike said...

that's so sweet! i had was in her class yesterday for storytime/weejoice and noticed that sweet little dress. how fun that you remember your little sister wearing it!


Caroline said...


excited to see you soon!

Sandra d said...

How cute .. she looks adorable in it!! Plus .. she looks so grown up in it! :-) How fun that your mom saved it. :-)