Friday, September 19, 2008

Do-Over Please

I think my sweet, angel 3rd child is beginning to ruin his reputation! This morning he didn't start off too great by losing his temper because I couldn't prepare his chocolate milk fast enough. He worked himself up so much that when it was ready, he was face planted on the floor screaming into his own drool, unable to appreciate the milk sitting right next to his hand. Yes, it was a pretty picture, but unfortunately, I did not have camera in hand.

I thought we might be getting better. I gave him a second breakfast because sometimes food is a perfect bandaid for fussy boy. Nature called so I had to slip out for a moment. Cobb came and got me with, "Mom! Ridge threw his juice all over your kitchen and his breakfast is in the rug and the floor!" Well, he was right. Total, complete mess. I took Ridge out of his chair, got the mop out of the store closet/pantry, and began clean up. I forgot to close the door to the pantry so sticky little Ridge wanders in there to play with the spice rack. Not a good idea. I hear, "CRASH!" He had broken my rosemary container & glass shattered.

Oh my. Lord can we start over??? Let's go to the park.

1 comment:

Stacey said...

Oh my, Haley. What a way to start you day!

I agree...let's go play!