Friday, September 05, 2008


Today was Cobb's day off, so we had a lazy morning then moseyed over to Nana's house to hang with her. Nana and I picked up Rhody & Bo and headed to Northpark. Pops, Rob, Blair, & Kyle met us there.

So on the way home my boys fall asleep. Charly is singing her heart out which blows any chance of her shutting her eyes. Anyway, upon arriving home, I successfully transfer Ridge to his bed, and I send Charly to her room for rest time(she plays princesses rather than sleeping). And then I tackle the BIG TRANSFER.

Cobb's seat is in the way back on the drivers side. I ask myself "WHY??" I have to enter the passenger side because that is the seat that flips up. I manage to squeeze myself between Charly's car seat (also in the back) and Cobb. I'm balancing carefully as I slowly pull the weight of my 5 year old against by body, his head on my shoulder. Of course, this messes up the balance system, and my bottom has somehow sunk below my feet. I manage to hold his weight with a knee and one arm as I use the other to hoist myself up. This moves me just enough to be snugly wedged between Charly's car seat and the back of the middle seat. I have to awkwardly scoot back with all my might while holding Cobb, who's feet are dragging at this point. Finally I can reach up and grab the handle above the door. This gives me the extra boost to break free of Charly's car seat. Unfortunately, the force of the release was so fervent that I bumped my head AND Cobb's on the ceiling. He still sleeps soundly on my shoulder so I attempt to wiggle my way out of the car leading with my rear end. One foot on the ground, then two, and then I'm able to walk to the door. I open it, and Cobb pops up his head, and says, "I'm not tired mommy. Can I have some water?" Hmmm
And the moral is. . .

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Brandy said...

Make sure next time you film the next attempt- sounds entertaining to watch( :