Saturday, September 06, 2008

Our first Soccer Game!

Cobb had his first socccer game today! It was so much fun, and he did great. He broke away from the pack in the first 5 minutes, and he scored! First goal of the season!

He was so proud. Check out his thumbs up!

The whole team did great, and much better than I expected after only two practices. They all had a wonderful time, scored many times, and all got excited to work together. Also, we like to tell the kids that when one kid scores, they all score.

During the first quarter, I think Cobb got a little tired because he sat down. We encouraged him to keep going, and he did. He loved the whole experience. Cobb also loved having family and friends watch.

The Parkers

Pops, Sam, & Blair

Cobb & Sam

Afterwards, the Parkers celebrated with us at Braums.

And then we stopped by some trails that we wanted to show them.

Bennett and Ridge

It was a really fun Saturday!


The Penuels said...

Way to go Cobb!! Cute pictures :)

Chrys and Mike said...

oh, haley! that is so cute!

love the last pic.


Caroline said...

yay cobby!

the bowlin family said...

yeah for a fun saturday and for cobby scoring the first goal of the season. that is huge!! wooohoo cobb!