Saturday, September 20, 2008

Balloons, Stray dogs & Soccer

This morning we woke up, got dressed, and jumped into the car for a balloon adventure. It's Plano's Balloon Festival this weekend, and I had no idea until about 8ish when most were on their way down. But the kids and I managed to track down 3 different balloons and watch them land. REALLY COOL! They loved it.

On our way home we saw a stray dog running down the middle of the road. Ridge shouts, "puppy! puppy!" It had a collar, and therefore, someone is sad their dog ran away. So of course, we had to follow it and try to capture it. The kids helped me watch where he went, and we kept pulling over and attempting to draw the dog near. That didn't work. A policeman saw our efforts and started helping. Then another couple in a jeep joined the pursuit. Finally the dog was captured because the man in the jeep ran after it through a construction site and captured it with a rope. Here's the precious dog. The policeman assured me that they would try to find it's owners.

We celebrated saving the dog by going to Chic Fil A for a late breakfast.

This afternoon was Cobb's 2nd soccer game. Look at him try to race past that kid!

Here's Charly & her friend Bella watching from the stroller.

And Ridge got a great view from the Coach's shoulders.

Tonight we watched the balloons again as we went on a family walk. Yeah Balloons!


Stacey said...

Wow, what a full day for you all!

You got some great pictures too. I love the one of Cobb running past his opponent and the last of Ridge on Rob's shoulders. So cute!

Dogger Blogger said...

What an exciting day :), the snaps are really cool.