Thursday, September 18, 2008

This Past Week

My parents left this morning. They originally came in to take care of the kiddos while we were in Boston, but they ended up having to stay because they had no power in Houston due to Ike. So we had a blast hanging with Mimi & Papeaux M-Th. Mimi went to feed the ducks with us at a park nearby. Ridge loved to chase them back into the water.

Here's Mimi, Ridge, & Charly watching the ducks.

Oh, and I got a new stroller this week!!!! YIPPEEE! I used birthday money from my sweet in-laws and my parents. THANK YOU!!! The old double jogger was SO hard to push, and kept going crooked. It was a true beating.

The best part about putting the stroller together was Ridge playing in the box.

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Caroline said...

i love that pic of mom with those 2 :)