Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to the drawing board

So around Christmas and New Years my kids were blessing us tremendously by waking at 7 a.m. (or at least 6:30 and waiting til "the sun wakes up" to come downstairs). But this morning, I'm afraid we're falling off the wagon. . .

I rolled over sleepily when I heard giggling in the living room, and it dawned on me that the monitor was off. I leaned over in the darkness searching for that little button on the side of the baby monitor. As I flipped it on, a sad and furious baby cry echoed through my room. "How long has he been up?" I wondered to myself. It was pitch black outside. Disoriented I figured it must be the middle of the night, but then I heard the girlish giggle from the living room again coupled with boy laughter. I look over at my clock to see that it says 5:45 a.m. Yes, ALL THREE were up, and had been up for quite a while (this being assumed from the noises heard).

There was no chance of getting all of the munchkins back to bed so close to "wake up time," but I am grateful that we woke up happy. I'm hoping this doesn't go back to being the "norm" because I have unfortunately gotten used to later time. Oh well, you can't win them all!

Hope everyone had a great first day of school!

1 comment:

Jessica said...

girrrl! i would have put their little bottoms back in bed until momma says the sun is up! :)

seriously, no coming out until 7am.

hoping for you and praying they go back to the christmas blessin's of later wake ups.