Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lazy Snow Day

Today is a snow day for the kids. Well. . . actually an ICE day.

I was excited to get to stay home in PJs, and I think they were too. Charly is the only exception to the PJs because she likes to get dressed right away. Good thing too b/c it takes her a while to choose the "right" outfit (even when picked out the night before).

So we started off our morning with relaxing, then made a late breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes. Click here for the recipe I used. It was YUMMY! I didn't take any pics of making the pancakes. . . it was a little hectic with my 3 little helpers. But here's us making some homemade whip cream to go with the pancakes:

Licking the mixers while mommy cut the banana:

And our finished product: chocolate chip pancakes topped with sliced banana & whipped cream

The pictures aren't the greatest, but the pancakes turned out great!

(I haven't forgotten about posting video from Rob's weekend with the kids. . .editing in process)

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lindsay said...

Wish I could have eaten breakfast at your house this morning. My cereal wasn't nearly as cool!!