Saturday, January 03, 2009

Celebrating New Years

We've celebrated the new year with the Fifers for 5 years in a row. This year we headed to the Fifer's lakehouse on New Year's Eve to spend the night. It was so relaxing! The kids did such a great job playing well together so the adults were able to chill: chatting, reading, football, eating, etc. . .
Here's Rob & Kingsley:

Christman lit fireworks New Year's evening & the kids absolutely loved it. Cobb & Abby have never said "awesome!" so many times in 10 minutes even though many of the fireworks were duds. After the kids were in bed, the four adults chatted & watched the ball drop. We went by NYC time, and headed to bed at 11.

The next morning Christman made breakfast for all of us.

While Christman cleaned up from breakfast, the rest of us headed to the park.

The park was great! All old timey playground stuff. . . guess what this is. . .

Yep! It's those old horses! How cool is that!

And there was the good 'Ol Merry go round:

And the human hamster wheel:

The playground was so fun, and I think the adults liked it just as much as the kids.

Ridge & KK by the lake:

Daddy comforting a tired Ridge:

We played outside most of the day because it was so pretty!

The kids even got in the lake:

Ridge & Christman watching the big kids:

Sweet friends. Thanks for letting us celebrate with you again this year!


Stacey said...

What a cool playground! I wish there were more of those old, "dangerous" playgrounds around. So fun!

And I love the pictures of Rob and sweet!

SarahFifer said...

So glad to ring in the new year with you guys! We had a blast. Love ya'll!