Monday, January 26, 2009

Indianapolis, Snow, and Good Friends

My Roomies from my single dallas life:

Carolyn, Lane, Emily, and Sarah

They encourage me in the Lord, they have grown with me, they know me well, and challenge me with truth. My life is richer because of them. I cherish the time I have with them, and a weekend of quality time was absolutely perfect!

Carolyn, John, and their boys are in Indianapolis for John's fellowship. Here's the cute family:

So L, E, S, and I took off to Indiana this past weekend to visit Carolyn.

We left 80 degree weather in Dallas & headed to weather in the teens. It was chilly, but we had a blast. LOTS of talking, laughing, and relaxing together. We went to a dairy farm for lunch on Saturday. Yummy food!

Then a great local Italian restaurant on Saturday night. We waited for almost 2 hours for a table. . .

Sunday we went to J & C's church. We went in with dry ground then came out to snow! Much more than we ever get in Dallas. We loved it!! See Em's big smile!

Here's Carolyn's house:

And her hubby John:

We were so sad to go. . .

But we were also excited to get back to our families. Tune in for video of the kids while mommy was away! Coming soon. . .

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Caroline said...

haley, so fun! you inspired me to e-mail some of my college friends so that we can do a get together :)