Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our trip to San Francisco

Our trip to San Francisco was a lot of fun... it started with just me (Rob) going and enjoying MacWorld. I've wanted to go to that for quite some time and it was a ton of fun. Haley joined me halfway through and we had a great time driving around San Francisco, eating at some great places, and visiting our friends Marco and Megan (Haley and Megan grew up together).

Waiting in line to see the keynote address. Lot's of iPhones.

Filling up the room.

The Renewed Vision booth... makers of Pro Presenter (our church uses this software)

Walking to the conference.

Drawing on the ModBook... my drawing is of Daffy Duck...the other guy is better.

Going to Bubba Gump Restaurant with Gary Molander

Looking at the Star Wars text feature in iMovie 09.

Golden Gate

Haley driving

At a live recording of a Leo Laporte podcast!

Is Pepsi riding the Obama look?

At TownHall... a very good place to eat.

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