Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flexibility is Key

Well, today didn't turn out exactly as planned. We left this a.m. all packed to meet my friends Trisha & Stacey at the Arboretum (about 35 minutes from my house). I haven't been in almost two years and my car was full of distracitons, so of course, I turn the wrong direction on Garland road. I realize pretty quickly that I'm going the wrong way and turn around in search of a bank. I had given Rob all my cash yesterday at the zoo so I had no money for parking at the arboretum. While at the bank, Trisha calls & tells me she is in the overflow lot trying to load a bus. I imagined myself hauling my big double jogger into the tour bus along with my three munchkins and all our stuff. I told Trisha I was turning around & going to do something else. Spring Break + Beautiful Day = overcrowded Arboretum.

So we ate our picnic lunch in the car on the way home, stopped at our house to pick up swimsuits, then headed to Lifetime Fitness to swim. We had a great time in the pool, and all three kids were loving it. Ridge laughed & splashed. I was feeling pretty good about our alternate plan. BUT THEN. . . Ridge tripped, went under water, and as I pulled him up he gagged. I stood up with him so I could see if he was okay & he threw up his lunch into the pool. I won't go into details except that the WHOLE pool shut down. Ridge thought it was hysterical, but the rest of the crowd weren't too pleased that their plans were changed. After profusely apologizing, I herded my kids off to the dressing room to clean Ridge and get changed.

TODAY's Playtime: 20 minutes;
Prep time: 2 1/2 hours;
Drive time: 1 1/2 hours

Oh well, there's always tomorrow :)


Leslie said...

that reminds me of earlier this year when laney pooped at the waterpark and the pool was evacuated. we discretely left after notifying the people in charge...eeeek! Your day sounds like some I've had..definitely sweet chaos!

Rob said...

I laughed out loud... does that mean I'm a bad husband? I'm so sorry that you endured all that, but it's very funny.

Stacey said...

Oh no! What a crazy day! I hope everyone gave you some "quiet time" once you got home.

We ended up scrapping the Arbo plans also...after chilling outside the entrance for 20 minutes. But we saw a fountain, a few flowers and a squirrel so B thought it was great! We ended up picnicing at a park near Trisha's. It was lovely!

Jessica said...

oh girl...sorry..."momma told me there'd be days like this..."

glad you're bloggin' this stuff, so your kids can look back and read about the adventures!

marc and trisha said...

Are you kidding! I am so sorry about your day. What a trooper.

olivia and henry said...

oh goodness, haley! what a day!!! we went to the Arboretum on monday and it was so packed!

Angie P said...

i'm so sorry!! we went to the science place on friday and luke "fell" into the swamp (that icky yucky swamp in the back with the huge turtles"... he ran over there (after i told him we were leaving and to not run over there) and was jumping around and thought it was ground b/c it was full of leaves. he jumped in and it was up to his neck. NASTY! he started crying, then sam started screaming b/c he was traumatized that luke was crying and the thought a turtle was going to eat him. fun times :) i'm glad ridge is ok!!