Thursday, March 19, 2009

Role Reversal

So this morning I woke up to Cobb crawling in bed with me(Rob had already left for the Summit). He leans over & says with authority, "don't forget to read your Bible. I'm going to sleep 10 more minutes."

Later when the kids all woke up, we talked about how today was going to be a cleaning day. The kids watched a show & I sat down to read the last 20 pages of my Harry Potter book. Cobb simply asks, "Mom, why are you not cleaning?" I replied, "I thought I'd wait so you could help me." I don't think he bought that.

Then I told the kids to go outside to play & I would clean downstairs. I told them I would call them when it was time to help me with the upstairs. They agreed. A little later, Cobb came in to see me replying to an email. He said, "Mom, you aren't cleaning!" Caught in another distraction from the task on hand. YIKES!

I turn on the Ellen DeGeneres show so I can clean dishes & fold while being entertained. Cobb sweetly says, "Mom, we've played outside & I think it's time to come in. I'm going to play the Wii now, ok?" He begins playing, and then I decide to interject a little too late with, "Actually Cobb, I think I want to watch my show while I do the laundry." He continues playing and says, "don't worry mom. I'm going to let you listen to it while I play."

I'm starting to wonder who's in charge today?

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