Thursday, March 05, 2009

Milk Run

So every once in a while we run out of milk totally, and we need to make an emergency run to Braum's. Of course, it's always an adventure when I go with all three of my little ones. So we climb out of the car & run in. Passing the ice cream is always a challenge, and this time, I confess, I gave in to Cobb's pleading for chocolate ice cream. What's a mom to do when a child is saying he will "JUST DIE" without it? So we drag the gallon of ice cream and three gallons of milk up to the counter as well as bananas (I was craving them for some reason). Ridge starts begging for chips, Charly starts asking questions, and Cobb wants to know when he can eat the ice cream. Meanwhile, the poor checkout lady is asking me to swipe my credit card. Too many voices can sometimes make a brain shut down. So on her third or 4th ask, I finally swiped my card. I grabbed the two paper bags, and we walked out. I asked Cobb & Charly to hold Ridge's hand so he can be safe. But Ridge immediately squats right in from of the sliding door refusing to hold hands. Here's our conversation:

Me: Ridge hold your brother & sister's hands
R: NO!
Me: I'm going to count to three!
R: NO, NO!!!
Me: One, Two, Two and half, two and three quarters, . . .
R: NO, NO, NO!!!
Charly & Cobb try to help the situation by reaching their hands out to him
Charly: Ridgie, here's my hand
Cobb: Mine too!
R: NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!
Me: Ridge, come on honey
I was about to drop both bags & haul the squatting no sayer to the car when. . .
Charly, Cobb, Me: Oh!
Me: Want us to wait?
R: Yep

When he was done, he happily stood up and took his siblings hands. All it took was a little time to do his business. Luckily there weren't any other Braum's customers that needed in or out of the store.


Stacey said...

Haha...I love that Ridge-a-roo! He knows what he wants and isn't afraid to tell you about it!

Brian Gallimore said...

Wow, that is too funny!