Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Babysitting the Fifer Girls

Last night, we had the privilege of babysitting the Fifer girls at their house. The kids love getting to see each other, and it was a treat for Rob & me to be able to hang out with those precious girls.

We had story time. Here's Charly telling her story:

Changing locations for Abby's story. There was a "girl" line and a "boy" line. Abby led the group down the hall in tour guide fashion.

Back in Abby's room, Cobb tells his story:

Abby, Rob & Charly enjoying Cobb's story:

After baths & teeth brushing, Rob read "The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly."

And then it was off to bed for the Fifer girls, and Rob took our kids home to their beds.

In addition to the fun night with the Fifer girls, I ALWAYS love going to their house. Christman & Sarah are a great team for decorating and organizing their household. I so enjoy seeing their practical ideas for instilling in their girls the value of prayer and God's Word. I'm inspired. Sarah, as I said last night, I still think you & C need to have The Fifer Reality Show (or at least display some of those great ideas & decor on your blog).


the bowlin family said...

I would totally watch a Fifer reality show.

SarahFifer said...

That would be really not that interesting!! thanks Haley and Rob for keeping the girls. They of course loved it and KK has commented several times since then about how silly Rob is!! We so appreciate your love for our girls!!

SarahFifer said...

I meant the reality TV show would not be that interesting! But thanks for the compliment :)