Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Rob

Rob is 35 today, and I thank God he was born. I was thinking about everything my husband is to me and to others. He’s pretty hard to describe.

When he was younger he was often called unique and interesting. I think I would continue to use those words now, but include loving, talented, compassionate, sincere, humble, entertaining, imaginative, inspirational, dreamer, empathetic, passionate, encourager, wise, thoughtful, visionary, artistic, witty, joyful, tender, magnetic, driven, and strong. I’m sure I could come up with many more.

I fell in love with Rob by watching his actions with others. He encouraged others, and he didn’t hesitate to care for those difficult to love. Kids were drawn to him, and he always stopped to play with them on their level. He was talented, and he used his talents to glorify the Lord. He was a leader, and he lead humbly & with compassion. So you can see why I fell so hard. . .

Now I can say that I love him even more. My love for this man, my husband and the father of my kids, continues to grow deeper and stronger. I not only see the characteristics I fell in love with, but I see both strengths and weaknesses. I see him use his talents well, and I see him struggle well in his failures, depending on the Lord for strength. I am drawn to my husband more as I see him persevere in trials, face conflict with humility, pursue advice before acting, accept success with grace, and give God the glory for all.

I am looking forward to continuing in the study of my husband for years to come. Thank you Lord for giving him to me, for he has made me better.


Rob said...

Thanks Haley... I wish I were all those things all the time. Here's to being halfway to 70!

olivia and henry said...

happy birthday, rob! such a sweet tribute, haley! ;)

SarahFifer said...

Happy Happy to one of our favorite friends in the world. We love you dearly and look forward to many more years to come together!!
Love, the Fifers