Wednesday, November 05, 2008


At 22 months, Ridge says and does the funniest things.

1. He sings: He sings himself to sleep, and often sings throughout the day. He picks up on songs that his sister sings. He hums mostly, but when Charly sings "Part of Your World," he fills in the blanks:
C: look at this stuff, isn't it
R: neat
C: Wouldn't you say my collection's complete. Wouldn't you say, I'm a girl, a girl who has
R: E-ting
and so on. . .

2. He has picked up "I don't want to:"
R: No, I ohn wan to! I play cars!
R: No, I ohn wan to! I stay you!
R: No, I ohn wan to! I down. I run! (this, of course, is when I need to be carrying him)

3. He says, "oh man!"
Last night, we read a story before bed. After reading it once, he said, "Gin!!" So we read it again. Then he said, "Gin!" I said, "no, it's bedtime." He leaned against me and said, "ahhhhh. Oh man!" But thankfully, he went willingly to bed. He's good like that.

4. He says, "oh shoot."
This morning he was walking in the kitchen with two cars in one hand and milk in the other.
R: Where milk? (starts turning in circles and looking down)
R: Oh shoot, where milk?
Me: Ridge, it's in your hand.
R: Oh. (starts, laughing out loud at himself)
R: No thank you (gives milk to me)

5. He knows how to use "please" to his benefit:
I batman show mommy (hands me Cobb's Lego Batman game)
Me: No baby, no shows
R: I Cobby show mommy!
Me: No, Ridge, no show
R: Why?
Me: Because it's rest time
R: Why?
Me: Because I said so
R: oh
R: please? (eyes become puppy dog eyes and he holds out the game)
He still didn't get to watch anything, but we laughed together at his cuteness

6. He's obsessed with the moon: One time driving in the car we had this conversation.
R: Where moon? Mommy, where moon?
Me: I don't know Ridge, I can't see it.
R (much more emphatically): Where MOON mommy? where moon?
Me: I'm so sorry Ridge. I think it is hiding.
R: Why?
Me: Clouds are covering it.
R: Why?
Me: Because there are clouds tonight
R: Why?
Me: It might rain
R: Why?
Me(giving up pre-maturely): Just because
R: Oh
I find myself saying, "just because" or "because I said so" more to R than either of the other two. I wonder if it's because he takes it so well or if it's because he asks "why" more than the others do. Truly, it's a toss up.

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Beck said...

My heart is melting. Mostly b/c I can hear his little voice saying all those things. Lovely post - keep chronicling the Ridgerisms.