Friday, November 14, 2008

Crafty Day

Tonight we had Cobb & Charly's teachers over for dinner. The kids were so excited that they were bouncing off the walls today! It was so sweet, and we really enjoyed the chance to hang out with them.

To prepare for our dinner, we had a crafty day. The kids made placemats for their teachers. On the left side of a larger piece of construction paper, the kids traced "I am thankful for (insert teacher's name)" that I had dotted out. On the right side, we put these turkeys.

These little turkeys were made from their feet prints and hand prints. On some of the "feathers" we wrote things the kids appreciated about their teachers. Cobb said he was thankful for his teachers because they "move his clip up" (on the behavior chart). He also said he is thankful that they love him. Charly's were sweet, but I can't remember exactly what she said. They turned out so cute! We laminated the whole placemat then put googly eyes on the turkey on the outside of the laminate. I so wish I had gotten a picture of the placemats and of the teachers, but I forgot. oh well.

We also made a "Thankful Tree" for the laundry room door. I first saw it on Chrys's blog, but then saw this version on the same website as the turkeys. Here's a picture:

Not the best pic, but you get the idea. I cut out handprints of each of the kids in multiple colors. On each hand we put something or someone we are thankful for. I took it to be laminated (next time I might not b/c it turned out being a little pricey to laminate).

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