Friday, November 28, 2008

The Thomas Thanksgiving

We had a blast yesterday celebrating Thanksgiving with family. We enjoyed Martha's new dining room. Here's the table where our generation sat (19 of us!):

The cousins:

The cousins plus spouses:

And we had twenty kids ages 5 and under plus four more ages 16, 14, 12, & 8. (So 24 total for those who are counting)
The littles (Ridge & Bo loved their turkey cupcakes):

The middles & the bigs:

Here's the whole crew:

The blue family (poor Sam was done with pictures, and my clan had resulted to screaming "cheese"):

I thought I took some pictures of all the kids playing in Nana & Pops' backyard. It was a sight to see for sure. But I guess I took those with another's camera. Oops! I did get one representation of play though:

Hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving!

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Blair said...

awesome pics.

my fingers are weird in the cousins pic.